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Luca is a 2 year old, 55 lb. neutered male in Winchester, VA

Luca is a loyal and loving two year old Australian Cattle Dog in need of a new home. He loves playing fetch & tug-a-war, bread slices, destroying plushies, long trail walks, being loved, and earning treats. Choosing to rehome Luca has been a difficult decision. Indoors he is the perfect dog, but his behavior outdoors has made it difficult to help him get the exercise he needs. As high energy dog, less exercise turns into more behavior issues. He is currently living in a townhome subdivision with no fenced backyard, which I’ve had to accept is not the right environment for him as much as I’ve tried to make it work. I am distraught over having to rehome Luca, but our current living situation is not what he deserves. It would make me very happy to see him go to a home where he could thrive and live his best dog life.

Ideal home for Luca would be in a large fenced property where he can spend a lot time off leash and have a job to do. Based on his energy and eagerness to learn, I can see him doing very well as a working farm dog with some training. His new owner is preferably a person with previous cattle dog experience and that can spend a lot of time working on his reactivity/behavior issues. Because of his reactivity, a home with no children or cats is preferred. The only children he has spent time with are ones he’s known since he was a puppy and has done well for the most part. I do not know how he would react around other children, so prefer a home without children for him. As for cats, he currently does live with a cat. But, they essentially live separate lives as the cat does not like Luca and he chases after the cat.

Luca is very reactive on leash / protective off leash and chases after all moving things; cars, people, squirrels, cats, etc. Luca is ok with some dogs if introduced slowly. He can be best friends with the right dog. Luca is very territorial and protective of loved ones. He does have a bite history, can discuss in detail. Based on my experience with Luca, I feel that with the right person and the right environment he could overcome his reactivity and become a great pet.

Please message me with information about yourself, experience with heelers, and reasons for you feel you are a good fit for Luca.


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