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Love is a 2 year old, 33 lb. spayed female in Newburgh, NY.

Love. is a super high energy, very affection ACD looking for a forever home.

Love is a 2 year old female who will bond intensely with her guardian - and protect, play and pal around with. She is leaner than most ACD with a sleek profile. Mostly black with a brown snout, and ACD black and gray chest and belly.

A high energy dog who has had a tough year, losing her owner and bouncing around for a few months before I was able to take her in. She was my brothers dog and when he passed away over the summer I took her on hoping I could integrate her into my household of two other dogs and two young children. Unfortunately she doesn't get along with my male dog of roughly her same size and our home with young children doesn't have the extra time and energy to manage her energy level and training needs to make her feel at home and provide for her needs. Managing fencing and dog separation with the other dog in the house is too complex a challenge for a home with young children.

Love does have aggressive behavior - she has snapped my 2 year old boy in the back when he was on a tricycle this breaking the skin. No medical attention was required and my assessment of this action was a heeler instinctual correction. She does nip at the children (I have two) when they run past her or enter her "sleeping space" where she is more protective. We have never been worried about her biting the kids.

I have been bitten twice (once on the hand and once on the thigh - both to point of breaking skin - no medical attention was required). Both of these incidents were in connection with dogs fighting between each other (she does not get along with my male dog - they have fought several times - two times to the point of breaking the skin of my male dogs ear and neck and head - neither time required a vet visit). They have had probably six other fights. We have another female smaller dog that there have been no incidents with.

She is in good health and has recently been spayed and had all of her shots - she has no current health concerns and is taking her monthly preventions. She has had several training sessions in the last two months, is highly motivated and smart, she can be a bit impulsive but responds to clear commands. She is house broken and I think could be trained to go off leash.
An experienced owner or one willing to put in the training time as well as maintaining exercise and mental stimulation would be best. She is triggered by bikes, idling cars, and has all the instinctual nipping instincts of an excitable ACD.

I'm willing to travel to meet potential adopters after a phone call to asses if Love and a potential adopter are a good fit for each other. Would request a $100 donation to ACDRA if adoption is a good option.

Love is super affectionate and wants to find a home where she can settle in and feel secure. She is beyond motivated to learn and for an owner who is equally excited about training I think will find her an amazing dog. equally excited about training I think will find her an amazing dog.


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