Loosa is a 2.5 year old, 30 lb. spayed female in Georgetown, KY.

Loosa (short for Appaloosa) is a Red Heeler who came to our family almost 2 years ago. She is looking for a female human to call her own.


Loosa imprints on her person and wants to be wherever they are (a velcro dog!). She is quite a snuggle-bug and will gladly crawl under blankets to keep you warm. She tolerates men, however we have made the difficult decision to re-home her in part due to her relationship with my husband. He has worked extremely hard to build a relationship with her and at times when he is home more it has flourished, however when he works more she starts to exhibit abused behavior, peeing herself and cowering in the corner when he is home for no apparent reason. I am unsure if this is due to events prior to us getting her and we have not been able to figure out what triggers this behavior, as it is not all the time. Therefore we are recommending a home where her primary person is female, as she tolerates men, but clings to women.


Other than those instances where she piddles out of fear, she is housebroken. She will try to herd our cats, but has never hurt them. Probably best in a home without cats. She is great with our male dog, however does not seem to get along as well with female dogs. She can get jealous, as she wants to be her owners' main squeeze and soaks up any and all attention she can get!


It takes her a few minutes to adjust to strangers entering our domain and she will bark until she feels comfortable that we are safe. She is extremely territorial, barking and defensive when strangers enter the house. We have a toddler (4 years old) and an infant. She has not bitten, however due to her behavior we do not trust when other people enter our house that she wouldn't. She also exhibits typical Heeler nipping when it comes to wheels. She tries to herd them and has punctured tires on two occasions. To be clear, she has NEVER bitten anyone.


This has been an extremely difficult decision for our family and we have probably kept her much longer than we should have because we do love her. Unfortuantely due to current circumstances she is not receiving enough attention or exercise. She wants ALL of my attention and I have a toddler and newborn that need my attention. When she goes through spells with my husband, it affects our whole household, including our other dog becoming submissive and scared and my husband being uncomfortable in his own house. As I write this she is literally laying on my feet and it breaks my heart to re-home her, but she deserves better.

Loosa is in Georgetown, KY.

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