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Loki is a 3 year old 35 lb. neutered male in Buffalo, NY.

Loki is a 4+ year old male cattle dog. We have had him for 14 months, his previous owner died unexpectedly. He was then staying with our son, who has another dog and they did not get along so we took him in. We were told he was a corgi mix and later learned he was a cattle dog. We were unfamiliar with this breed.

Loki responds well to the two of us, my husband and I. He is energetic, loyal, happy to simply be near us. We each walk him daily to use some of his energy. He is fully housebroken. He uses a crate for sleeping, often going in to it when it is open by his own choice. We began some training with him because he didn't get along with other dogs, he learns his commands easily, though he is still not fully compliant with distractions. Loki is healthy, has all his vaccinations and was neutered.

We have a fenced yard which works well for him, he doesn't like to be out there for long, rather being wherever we are.

He should not be placed with other animals or with children. 


Loki bit our 10 year old granddaughter last July. She pet him all morning, getting to know him after meeting him the day before. They were playing with his favorite toy, an activity Loki was used to doing with my husband. In retrospect, it was too long of a time for Loki, and he aggressively went after the toy and bit our granddaughter in the face, the height where she was holding the toy. We did not expect this, we had started training with him because he did not get along with other dogs, but he had not shown aggression toward people. He had shown some herding when he was with a group of people and one of them left the group momentarily. 
Our granddaughter did require stitches for the bite. He had not shown this type of aggression before this time. 

He had shown some aggression towards other dogs before, but was not around them often. Because of that, we began working with a trainer to improve this. The trainer was also surprised to hear about the bite.
As an update, since this happened in July, Loki has remained with us. When the grandchildren come over, we take Loki to a dog sitter, where there are only adults and no other animals. He does very well there, goes right in and settles in quickly. 

Loki is walked twice a day and has also been much less interested in other dogs during the walks. 

We would still like to re-home Loki because our extended family does not feel comfortable near him, understandably so. All visits have to be planned in advance and are generally less often. If Loki is separated from us, as in another room, he barks pretty continually as he seems desperately to want to be near us. 

I feel like the one time he did bite was much more our fault than his, we did not recognize that it was too much for him. I truly think that in the right home, he would flourish.


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