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Leo is a 1.5 year old, 52 lb. neutered male in Conway, SC

Are you ready for your next adventure? Meet Leo. He likes long walks, exploring nature, dog parks, and going to the beach. He is an adorable and affectionate pup, approx 1.9 months old male half blue heeler half american pointer with a super soft fur that makes you want to cuddle him all day long. He is located in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. 

He weighs approx 52 lb, fixed, up to date on shots & heartworm preventative. He is 100% house broken and always been an inside dog. He is curious about cats, but has never lived with any. He does get along with dogs at the dog park, and he would love a play buddy. He is playful in your presence and patiently would wait for your return when left alone. Most of the time when he is alone or I work from home he sleeps, so I would say he is a medium energy level dog.


He's never been destructive when left alone, besides occasionally chewing on a plastic lid he would get a hold from the kitchen. He knows commands such as sit, leave it, stay, drop, down, wait, but could use more consistent obedience training as his little ears are not fully developed and he gets so excited when guests come to visit, that he forgets everything he was taught. Leo is not very gentle with children. It is hard for him to understand how delicate they are and wants to play rough with them or herd them. Examples include nipping at clothes, hands & feet, pulling on hair, jumping, chewing on their toys or going in their rooms when not invited, then giving attitude when escorted out.


Other than that, if you live alone and in need of a best friend to follow you anywhere, this is the dog for you. He is so loyal, never leaves your side and ready to protect anytime. Speaking of protection, he doesn't like strangers approaching uninvited, just like a typical Australian cattle dog. 


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