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Lailah is a 4 year old, 33 lb. spayed female in Woodstock, GA.

Lailah is almost 4 years old Australian Red heeler cattle dog. She is leash trained and loves to go outside and go for walks at the park and swimming at the lake. She is the best at fetching the ball. She is house trained however if not taking outside when she let you know she can have an accident.


She is extremely loyal to family and will follow her owner everywhere. She loves my son and enjoys playing outside with him. She is fine with other dogs however she can be dominant and will take any toy from other dogs to herself, so I think it'll be better for her to be alone. She likes to take anything that belong to owners such as shoes, socks and take them to her bed as her property (it could be a sense of security).


She is not friendly with strangers or anyone that she doesn't know. Lailah is a great dog for a family or person that loves and have the time to play outside. She is great for going camping or any outside activities. Great with family overall and preferable without other dogs in the house.


We are rehoming Lailah because our other dog just give birth to 5 puppies, and it is very difficult to have her with us under these circumstances. She bit my daughter's puppy when he was about 5 months. The reason was because the puppy was very playful and intense biting Lailah and my other sheltie dog. While my other dog understood that it was a puppy Lailah at one point reacted and bit the puppy on the face when the puppy bothers her. The puppy cry immediately and Lailah ran under the bed knowing she did something wrong.


I am looking for someone who will appreciate Lailah's natural abilities such being outside, play, swimming at the lake and run with her. Perhaps if you love to run or walk, she will be the best company for you or if you have a fence yard, she will be an ideal dog for your family. I am willing to assist you with transportation for lailah's new owner.


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