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Koto is a 2 year old, 30 lb. spayed female in Potsdam, NY

Koto is very energetic, healthy, and beautiful. She has the sweetest heart and I am very attached to her however we have to find her a new home.


She and our older male heeler do not get along and it is affecting him and his behavior is aggressive towards her. She is young at heart, playful, and loves constant attention. She plays with our son, play growls and loves to be pet. She is inside a good share of the day but has free rein outside, we have 10 acres. She does chase our cat, however she has not hurt him. She did try to kill 2 of our chickens which is also a problem.


She really is such a sweet beautiful girl who needs one-on one love, to sleep on the couch, go for walks, and be by someone’s side. She is a quick learner and wants to please. She needs an active human or humans to be with. She eats grain free dog food and meat treats and is very healthy.


She did have a small litter of puppies this last fall and then was fixed. She was a sweet mom who played with them, and fed them. She is fixed now. We have ticks on our property and we are also afraid she will get Lyme or other infections here as this problem is not very controllable. Our older blue has had Lyme twice, we treat him but the ticks are bad here.


We want her to have the best loving home and will wait for the right fit. I believe she is very trainable, smart,and could make someone very happy with the effort and attention she needs. While she is crate trained we hope to find her a home that will give her freedom, have a yard, and give her the great life she deserves. We do not want a donation fee but do want someone who has a trusted vet that and will spend the money needed to take good care of a dog. She is still young and has a lot of love to give!


She would be better without other dogs I think. She bites the tail of our older heeler constantly and this creates aggression in our house. She appears to be jealous and crowds him out for affection.


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