Kay is a 5 year old, 40 lb. spayed female in Little Rock, AK.

Kay is a very healthy, happy, fun loving, outdoorsy, high energy, passenger seat riding, cat herding, machine. She came into my husband's life roughly 5 years ago where she lived with him and his border collie/heeler mix Moses.


The three of them had many adventures, backpacking trips, canoe trips, etc. They were quite the trio. Moses unfortunately passed due to old age at the admiral number of 17. This occurred after my husband and I were married, and blending our human and fur families together. While I wouldn't call her dog aggressive, Kay is certainly skeptical of new people and new animals. She can be quite possessive of her personal space at times, esp when anxious - combined with the fact that she is so loyal and protective she is known to nip to newbies in the household or at a backyard bbq.


Due to career changes, a relocation, and perhaps somewhat due to her buddy Moses passing on, Kay's anxiety in this new smaller home, one with less freedom than our older one, and with myself and my husband having less time to properly keep her as active as she would like, her over all anxiety has increased. This has led to minor quick spats with the other animals in the house, usually lasting no more than a few seconds, and up until yesterday no major issues. However, yesterday, during a disagreement over a toy, Kay snapped at our 6lbs Bichon Shizu mix. The bite dislocated her eye, requiring immediate surgery. It is unknown at the time if the little dog will lose her eye or vision in it until a couple of weeks pass and her recovery is known. Because of this we have to relocate Kay.


It breaks my heart writing this as she really is so loving, and loyal, and deeply bonds to the favorite people of her life, but truth is if something were to happen again resulting in an injury to one of our little dogs I would not forgive myself, and also Kay is truly better served moving on to a home with more time, space, and over all better fit. Kay is a great car rider, she without hesitation will jump into the passenger or back seat of the truck and go down the road, riding well, and enjoying the scenery. She is also very healthy with zero vision, hearing, joint problems.


While she has had a few seizures in her life she is not on any medications and it is the general idea that these were isolated incidents typical of other canines. She tends to favor women, especially older ones, and loves cuddles, kisses, movie nights on the couch, and just "wants to be with you."


She is housebroken and accident free. She responds to sit, lay down, stay, come, shake. She also can work with a beeper collar (no stim needed) when in public of walking on a lead. A beep is usually all that's needed to settle her. She will quit jumping on people at a door, or when arriving home but only after a couple of commands. For this reason she may not be the best with small children, although she grew up with two little girls (my husband's daughters from a previous marriage) who she absolutely loves and adores. She has never bitten a child or broken skin, but she certainly has asked for her space or nipped at the heels of a child running around.


Because we recently relocated to Arkansas (just 11 days ago) at the time of this post it is unknown if her vaccinations are up to date, she is on heartworm preventative and at last test was negative. We want to see her move a healthy happy place, someone who will love her, enjoy her athletic qualities, perhaps someone who works from home or drives a lot or spends a lot of time outdoors or has rural property they visit often.


We are willing to meet with you, perhaps transport her, and would ideally like to make a mutual donation to this organization and perhaps the Humane Society of the Ouachitas (where old Moses was from). We also will be in the next day trying to finalize her AR vaccines, or if at the time of foster or adoption we have not, we are certainly willing to provide compensation to cover these.


Kay is spayed, never had puppies. She was adopted from a litter of orphans in June of 2015 in Hallsville Texas, and has lived with my husband and then myself her whole life. We would hope that whatever home she finds herself at would keep us from time to time updated on how she is doing but we do not wish to interfere with her new life with her new family.


Thank you for considering this very unique, amazing, beautiful creature. She has been a blessing to this family in more ways than one and while I do tear up typing this, I know that God has a plan for everything and her new home is likely to create joy for her and her new family.

For more information, email knwhite1342@gmail.com.

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