Kaeru is a 6-7 year old, 65 lb. neutered male in Baltimore, MD.

Kaeru is an energetic and incredibly loving, quirky cattle dog. When I adopted him 6 years ago he was only 39 pounds and in pretty bad shape. His weight is healthy now and his training continues to do him good, however, it has become obvious he missed the socialization in his first year. He gets along with me and my husband and our close friends, but takes awhile to open up to new people in our home. Kaeru has been boarded and given good marks from two boarders (Applied Canine Behaviors in Bloomington, Indiana and most recently at Country Comfort Kennels in Jarrettsville, Maryland). Kaeru has been a good hiking buddy, does good on a prong collar and is getting better at heeling. He is house broken, his favorite dog food is Pedigree, his favorite toy is any rope toy or the ball inside a ball toy (or any toy that makes him think). He responds to Sit, stay, lay down, bedtime, place (when not being sassy, he runs over and gets on his rug, we're still working on this command), come here/here, treat, thirsty, hungry, crate (enters his crate), we're also working on "leave it" which works about 50% of the time, and "do you want to go outside" (spins when he needs to go).


A fenced yard is a must, he loves to run and play fetch. He would do best in a home with no children and either no other dogs or his own space (he has done fine in boarding situations where he has his own kennel and walks alone with staff, we attempted to board him at a more daycare style boarder once and he was on guard and stressed the whole weekend so we went back to the kennel style boarder with either a fenced in exercise yard he can use alone or private walks). He alert barks when someone is at the door or a repair person is working on something in the house. He is afraid of thunderstorms and will hide in the nearest closet if his crate door is closed.


He herds us when he's ready to go on a walk or go outside, but doesn't nip, just runs circles around my husband and me. He's good in the car, we typically keep the leash on the loop it around the seat (he likes to try and climb up into the front seat if he's off leash in the car). He is very excited by motorcycles (spins, barks pulls at the leash when one passes us).

Kaeru has one bite on record, shortly after rescuing him 6 years ago he broke skin on the arm of a relative that was trying to feed him steak. After the incident, I had Kaeru evaluated by an applied behavior specialist and enrolled him in multiple obedience classes. He has made progress but has shown issues with space guarding (showing teeth on occasion when my husband closes the crate door or door to his fence at bedtime), resource guarding (growling/showing teeth when someone comes near him when he has a bone or his food bowl has food in it, he also is still learning when play time/fetch is over (guards his favorite rope toy), he has bonded with me and shows possession aggression towards my husband (if I go to bed first Kaeru tends to guard the bedroom door, growling and showing teeth when my husband tries to enter the room). I believe most of his protective issues stem from him coming from a rough background (being severely dehydrated and underweight when found on the street) and coming into a one person home that has now become a multiple person home. I believe being in a new home, with firm rules will give him a chance to bond in a healthier way.


Why we made the sad decision to rehome Kaeru -- we had a baby in September and after two years of trying to ease his possessive behavior of me (growling/showing teeth at my husband on occasion) and not having much luck, we are noticing more flare ups as my daily walks and encounters with him are being shifted to my husband. He has grown to love spending time cuddling with my husband, but tends to have flare ups at least once a month where he's not in the mood to be around anyone but me.


Because my husband will need to take on all of the care soon, we believe it would be best if we find Kaeru a new home so he is in an environment that does not stress him and also gives him all of the training and attention he craves.

Kaeru is in Baltimore, MD.

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