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Juno is a 1 year old, 45 lb. spayed female in Concord, CA.

Juno is very healthy, sweet and VERY smart. She loves to swim, run, play frisbee and fetch, and learn new things. She knows many fun tricks and all the obedience basics (her favorite tricks are “wave” and “sit pretty”). Crate trained and house trained.


She is eager to please and easy to train and a total goofball that will make you laugh out loud every day. She is very sweet with people she knows but is suspicious of new people (with some patience and treats, she warms up). She is a very nervous girl and will need a lot of patience and behavioral training to be in social/public settings and to build her confidence. She struggles with overstimulation and reactivity on leash and in crowded areas. She is more suited to open areas like beaches and hiking than sidewalks or parks. NO dog parks. She needs a lot of exercise and is very high energy but she is pretty good about settling down in the house for a nap.


This girl loves a routine. Ideally looking for someone that lives on some property that needs a working dog or just to give a herding dog the space she deserves. Juno would thrive having a job and being outside most of the day. She is not well suited to an urban/suburban environment and I am trying to do right by her which is heartbreaking but I cannot give her the lifestyle she needs. I have a large backyard (0.3 acres) but live in a noisy suburb that is clearly too much stimulation for her and gives her anxiety.


She loves other dogs (of all sizes) but introductions will need to be off leash. She lives with cats now but does annoy them quite a bit. Small animals like rabbits, chickens, etc. would not be recommended unless they are kept completely separated. She is very fearful of young children but she just hasn’t had exposure to them.


Looking for a confident, experienced dog owner that lives an VERY active, outdoor lifestyle and will love her as much as I do. I am willing to transport for the right fit and will want to see where Juno will be living. I do expect an adoption fee of $100 to ensure serious commitment and for safety reasons but you may donate this money to a rescue of your choice (with proof) or I can donate it on your behalf.


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