Josey is a 6 year old spayed female mix in Richmond, VA.

She is a 6 year old blue heeler beagle mix who will be 7 this Halloween. She is a loving, snuggly girl, she likes to curl up on the couch. She is house broken and does not remain in a crate when we are at work (I work three 12 hours shifts), we generally gate her in our kitchen with her brother (litter mate). She is super smart and high energy, she needs space to run and explore. She does not do well on a leash around other dogs— but can walk on a leash just fine if there are no other dogs. She loves the dog park or doggy day care due to the OFF LEASH environment. 


Why are we wanting to rehome?

Our son is 23 months old and she has not adjusted well to his arrival. She has NO BITE HISTORY. But her anxiety around our toddler is obvious. It has become impossible in our small home to keep them separated 24/7 and not fair to Josey. We made huge attempts to prepare her prior to his arrival based off our Vets recommendations and have done our best to safely have her get used to him since his birth, without success. Josey is a part of our family so this decision is not one we made over night. 


Other Josey facts: She has NO medical history. However we had her worked up at her primary doctor to make sure her back was not injured after she growled at my son for touching it (placing his hand on it gently) and the vet after and exam and X-ray has found no injury or deteriorating spinal issues. 


She is protective of her home and will bark to defend it. There have been times over the last 6 years where Josey has had the opportunity to spend the weekend at grandmas or we send her brother and she is a completely different dog when she is in a single dog household. She appears calm when she is alone and at ease unlike when she is in the home with her brother and toddler. 


Our goal is to find Jo a loving home with someone who understands what it means to own a cattle dog. They are obviously a special breed with special traits in need of a specific environment. Please contact me at 804-615-2539 or 


I am willing to drive up to 12 hours to deliver her. 


I will expect to meet face to face or video chat to see her new home environment. Thank you for considering our sweet girl as a new part of your family. Will provide two 35 lb bags of food to transition.


Josey is in Richmond, VA.


For more information email

Mailing Address: ACDRA, PO Box 7204, Garden City, NY 11530-5729

Fax: 724-768-7354

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