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Joni is a 2 year old, 26lb. spayed mix in Indianapolis, IN.

Joni is spayed, up-to-date on all vaccines, crate trained and potty trained, and she knows quite a few commands including sit, stay, lay, off and bed. She has quite a bit of energy, although it's very manageable. She is a healthy girl!

Joni absolutely adores people. She does well with dogs when they visit and when she goes to doggy daycare, although she's never lived with dogs. Joni should not live with cats or young children.

We're seeking to rehome specifically because Joni has behavioral aggression, specifically fear-based (diagnosed by a behaviorist). Her aggression is directed primarily at people, but only when she feels anxious - her triggers are not always easy to spot, though. She has also lashed out at our cats if they are too near during mealtimes, as Joni is very protective over her food, bones and treats. Joni has NEVER displayed aggression to a person who she walks by on walks or who enters our home; quite the opposite actually - she is extremely friendly and excited to make new people and pet friends.

I would characterize her bites more as snapping. She always looks remorseful immediately after the fact and comes up to us slowly as if to apologize. She has broken skin and caused bleeding and bruising. Nobody has ever required medical treatment beyond a bandaid. Joni has bitten hands, feet and faces.

Joni is currently on anxiety medication - we would recommend her new owners continue this medication. We believe Joni would do best in a more rural/country home or a home with a large fenced in backyard with tons of room to run off leash, as she hates walks and city noise. We will gladly assist in transporting Joni to the right home.


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