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Jax is a 1 year old, 35 lb. neutered male in Eatonton, GA.

Jax was adopted from the shelter by a wonderful family end of 2022. Two months later he joined our family as his original family was going through some serious health concerns/surgery and Jax’ energy was too much.


He had a ton of bad behaviors which we have since worked on and improved drastically! We have our own pack which he generally gets along with, however, he has a ton of energy and is pushy with ours creating havoc in the pack.


When Jax is one on one with his people, he’s very relaxed. He loves to sleep on the couch or in the bed and will follow you everywhere! We live on a farm and he will spend hours following my husband around. He doesn’t bother the horses, cows, goats, chickens, or rabbits and is good with cats! We have no fence but he avoids the road.


Jax has your typical nipping ACD behavior, especially with active young children. He has also shown fear aggression when meeting some new people. He did bite my husband on the hand the first day but by the end of the night, he was my husband's shadow.


He really is a great boy but desperately needs a family that understands the breed and will continue to work with him. The more attention he gets the more behaved he is. I’m happy to share more, including pictures!


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