Jake in Akron, OH
Jake in Akron, OH

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Jake is a 6 year old neutered male in Akron, OH.

Jake is a red heeler Australian cattle dog in need of a new home. He is six years old and neutered. Other than his brother (Graham, also listed for rehoming) he has never been socialized with other dogs.


Jake is a loving dog with caregivers but is cautious  and protective around strangers. Jake loves  to run and play and discover his surroundings.  He likes to swim when given the opportunity. I feel Jake would be an ideal family member for those without any animals. 


He is a great protector, guard dog. He loves being petted and hugged.  Up to date on vaccines and recently examined by a vet. Do you have a place in your heart for Jake?

Jake is in Akron, OH.

For more information email ddc6924@aol.com