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Jake is a 9 month old, 45 lb. neutered male in Greenville, SC.

I am a 9-month-old neutered and chipped, 45-pound half Blue Heeler and half Husky. I have the average level of energy for a Heeler pup my age. I am house-trained and crate-trained but love staying outside during the day and in the house at night. At night I will sleep on my bed or go sleep in my crate. I am used to a fenced-in yard with the freedom to run. I enjoy checking out the yard, playing with humans and dogs, and playing in leaves.


I like chasing ropes and chasing frisbees and squeak balls are my favorite things to do. Anything that squeaks is my thing. I love getting belly rubs. I like to sleep in and can hold my bladder for a long time. I know some tricks like sit, stay, leave it, lay down, drop it (with a ball), and trade — when I have a toy and they have a treat. They say trade and I drop the toy and they give me a treat. My family says give me 5, but it looks like a handshake. They socialized me early so I love people especially when they are excited to see me and want to rub my belly. I like to get to know dogs and want to be around them. My family has brought dogs to the house to meet one they recently dog-sat a poodle mix and I fell in love with her would follow her everywhere, let her take the toys, and eat my food. Sometimes I want to be independent and not listen when they call but they will goodbye and walk away and I will follow. When it was really hot, my favorite is when they fill my kiddy pool with water. I love trying to eat the water coming from the spray hose. I love creeks and want to splash around in them. Other things I enjoy are walks, the woods, parks, and especially car rides oh yeah.

I need a family who likes to have me hang around, spend time with me, be patient with me, and give me the freedom to play outside. Besides humans, another dog is a great bonus. I love the company. I also love to be outside and have a job to do.

I have a leash, collar, shots, and rabies with papers, and neutered and chipped papers. Doggie poop bags. Toys and treats. Crate and outside house. Please give me the love and freedom to explore with humans and/or dogs.

Recently my grandparents moved here. They are older. But because I am a Heeler puppy I love to jump up on people but not in a mean way but to get to know them. I however am too strong and have not learned to stop jumping and nipping. They also have a couple of Chihuahuas I want to play with but they are too small and frail. Plus since I am a puppy yet the things at their place have a whole new level of things to chew on because of this, I have to be on a leash outside. My parents don't like leashing me so they want to find a home where I can have space outside to play with you and not be on the leash a lot. I like having a job.

We live in Greenville SC; My parents got me from a colleague at work. My parents want someone who knows Heelers because I tend to do the normal Heeler nipping and herding.


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