Jacki is a 3 year old, 38 lb. neutered male Kelpie/Cattle Dog mix

in New York city.

*SOS* please help me find a foster/permanent home for this sweet dog - 3yo Australian Kelpie x ACD.


Will be an only pet situation, no dog or cats and needs a backyard. All he requires exercise and love, and is great with children. He really is the sweetest boy with humans, well behaved and knows basic commands and best fetch player I know.


He is fearful / reactive to other dogs only. Unknown around cats. I have two dogs already and they have to be kept in separate rooms to keep mine safe. Worked hard this past month on making him feel safe and tried reintroducing him to my two female dogs but didn't work out, he is definitely an only dog for now but I feel he might be less fearful to other dogs in a large space yard setting.


Neutered and shots up to date, doesn't bark as sadly some humans in his past clipped his vocal chords. Comes with new harness, leash, bowl and muzzle for walks.


Please share as I am at breaking point but determined to find a happy ending for him hopefully by xmas, he deserves it.  


***Full disclosure - I sprung him from a Texas kill-shelter with the intent to vet and re-home, but those who assisted me did not share his insecurities even when I explained the home he was coming too (with dogs), so I sadly placed in a awful situation and unable to give him that space to heal. I’m desperate because my dogs have to return soon and it’s stressful to manage in a NYC apartment.

Jacki is in New York city.

For information email monzeeki@gmail.com

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