Indie is a 3 year old, 45 lb. neutered male cattle dog.

Indie has a ton of energy. He would do best in a home with no other dogs or children and does better with women but will warm up to men over time. He is fully house broken and knows many tricks! He knows shake with both paws, high fives with both paws, hugs, sit, down, heel, place, come, roll over, and spin. He loves to learn and picks up on things very fast! He really is overall a sweet sweet boy and this is a decision that we did not come to easily.


Indie has shown aggression towards our female puppy and does not get along with other male dogs. He has broken skin on another dog before. Nothing that required medical attention. His behavior I would characterize as biting and snapping. He has also shown leash aggression and can not be approached by other dogs on leashes.


He needs someone that can exercise him regularly both physically and mentally. He listens really well and loves to be outside and go for runs. Indie would prefer a home with a large yard either fenced in or with an invisible fence.


We would be more than willing to bring Indie to his new home as we would like to see where he would be living. We want him to be going to the best possible home where he can thrive and be fully happy, healthy, and well exercised. He will be a great best friend and is very loyal. Indie is well loved in our home and wish it didn't have to come to this tough tough decision.

Indie is in Bowling Green, OH.

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