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Holland is a 9 year old, 39 lb. spayed female in Chicago, IL.

This is our sweet 9 year old Heeler mix Holland. She is a low energy girl (surprising for her breed but she’s a homebody!) and loves slow walks, belly rubs, and napping with her people.


Holland has reactivity issues to other animals and children and this has sadly made it impossible for us to keep her in our home with a small child. Holland has had one bite incident, and sadly that involved our toddler and is the reason for us seeking re-homing options. The bite was minor/shallow and did not require medical attention, but we want Holland to be in an environment where she can succeed. We are terribly sad to say goodbye to Holland and are happy to provide more information on the above.


She has been a wonderful companion for 9 years and is in great health (recent physical and up to date on all vaccinations).


She is a very anxious girl, so being patient/gentle with her is a must. She would be great for someone without pets/children looking for a low-key, snuggly companion.


Please contact me if interested/want more info and I would be happy to discuss her reactivity problems. Of note, we are also working with a behavioral modification trainer and would be happy to pay for continued services throughout the remainder of the year to help her acclimate.


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