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Henry is a 10 year old, 68 lb. neutered male in Hollywood, MD.

G'Day Mate, meet Henry the Heeler!  Don't let his age fool you; though he loves to lounge in his fuzzy dog bed, there's still a lot of energy left in his bones!  Henry loves the outdoors (especially swimming!) but doesn't really like to venture outside without his people.  He is a graduate of the Applejack K-9 academy, well house trained, and up to date on all of his vaccinations.  Henry knows his commands (Sit, down, stay) and walks well on the leash.   He is a wonderful protector; no one is sneaking up on your property without Henry blowing the whistle! Henry has been around other dogs before, but would be a better fit as an "only child" or paired with a more submissive dog.    His current owners just recently had a baby (big surprise!), and he's been wonderful with the new addition so far.   


Henry is highly food motivated, and will do just about anything for a yummy treat!  In Henry's prior life, he was rescued from the streets of Baltimore.  He was very malnourished, so food insecurity is a concern of his.   He will get territorial over his food, and if you drop food while eating, it's officially his!  Due to his food insecurities, he has bitten in the past (2x over the past two years) when someone invaded his space while eating.  He eats at specific times, and we keep his food area in "Henry's Corner".  He also goes into a "stay" while his family is eating and receives a treat when all food is put away.   This is the only reason his owners are reluctantly looking to rehome him.  A young child in the home walking around with snacks will prove to be an issue.  Henry would be better suited for a family without children for this reason.


Henry is a WONDERFUL companion, and loves to please his owners.  Coming up on his 11th birthday, he deserves to live his best life chasing sticks, lounging with his humans and loving life!


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