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Harp is a 2 year old, 40 lb. spayed female mix in Knoxville, TN.



A cuddler, face-licker, and all around sweet girl, Harp is smart and responsive. She's a 40-pound cattle dog/corgi/pit mix who has been an awesome work-from-home and walking buddy in the 10 months we've had her. Harp greets all people with her pointy ears flat in joy and a big doggy smile, and her whole body wags as she gives kisses. 


Harp is high energy so needs a good walk or two a day. She walks on loose-leash and sits each time you stop. She also loves to run in a fenced yard and will do joyful zoomies outside when you say, "Go, go, go!" When she's hanging out inside, she's very chill. She loves to nap next to people working from home, sleeping several hours a day curled into a tight cozy ball or sprawled in a patch of sunshine. She does best when she's not alone too long - although she is crate-trained and does well alone there for a few hours each day. Harp is the best driving buddy, too - she wags when she sees her seatbelt harness and hops right in, sitting calmly on rides short or long. 


Harp is spayed, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, housetrained, and would come with many dog supplies. She knows commands and plays games--she loves to choose which hand a treat is in or play hide and seek with you when she 'waits' in one room while you hide and whistle - then she searches! 


She's currently enrolled in an intensive board-and-train program to be more chill around other dogs on-leash (she's played well with neighbor dogs in a fenced yard, though). Leash reactivity has been her biggest challenge since we adopted her. During training she's ramping up her current command-skills, and she's trying out agility training, too. For adopters near Knoxville, TN, her training and consultations come with her and extend for a year (through May, 2025). 


We are looking for a new home for Harp for 2 reasons: first, because we have two older cats that she wants to play with (she does the play stance and the nose boop, and they freak out). Second, because the dynamic of my younger son with the dog stresses the dog. He has a history of not watching her dog-signs and ignoring repeated adult commands to leave the dog alone: he hugs her head or takes her toy away when she's chewing on it. He thinks he's doing this out of love, but for the dog and as a parent, it's a major stressor because any dog can act out when pressured.

Based on this pattern, she nipped my son last weekend to defend a treat under some extreme circumstances (very late at night; 6 hours in the crate while we were at an event; hungry because she saved her food and treats; provoked as my son ignored parent calls to leave her alone; son not heeding her clear avoidance signals such as trying to move away multiple times). My son will be fine - it was a scrape rather than a puncture, but we don't want the dog or the kid in that situation. In the 10 months that we had her, Harp had never tried to bite before, even with less-than-ideal kid-behavior, and did not guard her food or toys. 


We took the dog to a trusted dog behaviorist, who said the dog is not aggressive. They said she seems happy, personable, smart, and highly trainable. They agreed to take her on while we searched for a better-fit home. 


Harp would do best in a home with no other pets and no small children (older than 10 or so, or old enough to know and respect dog boundaries). She needs a fence at home and to be on-leash on walks, or she'll try to greet the whole world with her waggy tail. 


Harp will make the perfect buddy for someone who'll invest her walk time each day into reinforcing what she's learning now. She's so responsive that it's incredibly satisfying to work with her as a team. Her current course at Meadowbrooke Kennels in Knoxville comes with a year of training and consultations for her through May 2025, and they are highly invested in her success. She's also been recommended for agility training because she's so athletic and smart! If you meet sweet Harp, you will love her! 


We would love to hear from any interested adopters, and would be willing to drive up to 4 hours' radius from Knoxville for you to meet the dog if a phone interview shows you and Harp would be a good fit. We're asking for a $100 rehoming fee. An East TN home would be great so you could take advantage of the awesome training support and try her out on Meadowbrooke's agility course, but she will be a great addition to your home anywhere! 


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