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Harley is a 1.5 year old, 44 lb. neutered male mix in Galivants Ferry, SC.

My name is Harley! I love to run around my current 3/4 acre yard while mom throws a ball with a chuck it. She has to make me stop and take a drink because I love it so much. Running and eating are my favorite things to do. I’m higher energy and sometimes get the zoomies inside, no worries a quick run with my ball will fix that. When mom first brought me home there were people as little as 3 in my house, so mom taught them to be gentle, and taught me not to play with them with my mouth so I have no nipping tendencies as I worked super hard on that. I only do mouth play with dad because he let me chew his fingers as a baby when I was teething. There’s currently 6 people in my house including 4 kids now ages 5-11. I get along with all of them.

I’m also crate trained and mom has always left it out for me and made it a safe space in a different room. I also go in it during car rides to keep me safe but I’ve also sat nicely in the front seat. I walk nicely on a gentle lead so I don’t pull my person down the street. I’ve never chewed the furniture and somehow a brand new power chew nylabone shows up every month so I don’t get bored.

Sometimes when they’re on the couch I put my paw on their lap to let them know I want attention. I don’t go on the furniture but that’s okay because I have a huge fluffy bed that is right next to the ottoman by mom. I will lay nice for gentle pets from the small humans, but my high energy playing can be too much for them to enjoy me we go out.

I play nice with other dogs and don’t even bark at them when I see them during walks, though I might cry a little because I’d love to play. I’ve only ever sniffed a kitten that mom saved once from a feral litter. It didn’t bother me. I don’t chase birds but I will chase any feral cats out of my yard for fun to see how fast I can get there. No worries, I never hurt them.

Because I like to play, one of my other favorite games can be hide and seek. As a pup I would bolt out the door, I since dont do that but moms also always watching. If I do get out for some reason, we can play hide and seek. If you find me, I’ll race you home! …as long as I think we’re racing. For this I do need a fenced in yard.

Back in February, I started having chronic diarrhea. I gobbled down all my food (even my stool) but was losing weight. Over 2 months of tests, scopes and scans, and a 10lb weigh loss. I was finally diagnosed with EPI. What this means is my pancreas doesn’t make the enzymes needed to absorb the nutrients from my food. So I get some powder and b12 vitamin in my food everyday that mom buys on Amazon. This helps me feel better and keep my weight on.

I got neutered after I was one because mom wanted to make sure my bones grew properly. I’m also microchipped incase I ever get lost. I also have a heart shape on my back which is a great identifier! Mom keeps my inside during the 4th of July so I don’t run away, but as long as I’m inside, I’m perfectly fine in my bed during that time of year or thunderstorms with no issue.

If you think I could be part of your home, please email

Mom will give you:
•gentle lead
•bed & toys
•a few months of my heartworm preventative and any flea/trick prevention
•enzyme powder and b12 vitamins.
•wired crate

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