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Hank Jr. is a 6 month old, 36 lb. neutered male in Irvington, KY.

Hank has your typical pup energy. Crate trained, housebroken, knows all basic command. Plus place, break, touch, giving chin in palm of your hand, spin, threshold wait, weaving between legs, leave it. Good with wiping his feet. Working on scentwork. Currently in obedience class. Wags his tail at everybody he comes in contact. Gets along with others dogs. Has been to doggie daycare a few times.


I would recommend having a fenced area or keep on leash until trained to stay with you. We decided to re home because he just too much puppy for my senior husband and dog. Needs to be in a household with another young dog to play and plenty of training. Such a sweetie. We’re located in Breckinridge Co. 20 miles west of Ft Knox.


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