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Guinness is a 3 year old, 50 lb. neutered male in Schwenksville, PA

Guinness is an absolutely beautiful, sweet, 3 year old male who loves to be outside almost all day. He lives with 3 adults and really prefers 2 at a time. He is very protective and loves to be with the people he chooses as his own. He has a ton of energy, but is also content to lie down and work in the office all day, if there is some exercise at the end of it!

He is very good friends with 2 female neighbor dogs, but does not prefer his male counter parts. He also is not child friendly. He is protective of his "person" his home and his yard, and does not like intruders of any kind.


He has snapped / nipped at both my neighbor's dogs, my neighbor (who was chasing a ball into our yard without being invited) and shows aggression toward my grandchildren and young nephew (the main reason for the rehoming). In all cases he is giving warnings, he has felt threatened or provoked and went for the feet, or snout (of the dog). He has also had very good dog encounters, but he is very wary of other animals. So much so he gets extremally anxious and sometimes inconsolable when another dog is near.

He is very good with basic commands (Sit, stay, here, drop and go get it). He has an extensive vocabulary, but chooses when he prefers to "come" or agree to recall. He likes to explore, is very good on a leash (just not around other animals). He will play for hours if you are up for it, loves to hike and anything outdoors, frisbee and catch are his absolute favorite.

He is crate, harness and leash trained. His best environment is childless, with no other dogs and one or two adult human partners. Someone he can spend all day with and who will take him on long walks and spend time on his training and development.


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