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Griffin is a 1.5 year old, 40 lb. neutered male in North Salem, IN.

Griffin is up to date on all shots. He has a lot of energy, more than what we thought he would have. He loves to play fetch and swim! He would swim all day if we let him! We have another dog, a great dane that he has gotten along great with. He does try to be the "alpha" but with our great dane's ho-hum nature, it has not been an issue.


We also have two cats, he is always interested in them but has never bitten or aggressively chased them. Our neighbor has chickens that he loves to try and herd! He has never bitten them, even when they come into our yard. Squirrels on the other hand, he LOVES them, if he ever caught one I do believe he would have a snack!


He is housebroken and crate trained. He knows the commands of sit, come and working on stay at the moment (it's 50/50). The biggest issue is that I cannot try to show him affection or, as the vet describes it, he submissively pees.


This breaks my heart because I have always wanted this breed. He listens to me all the time, he tries to push the boundaries with my wife and daughter, they might have to tell him something 2,3-4 times. Because of the constant "submissive peeing" and the incredible amount of energy we just cannot keep him any longer.


I don't know how to describe loving a dog so much, yet when I try to show him affection, he pees. My daughter cuddles him every night with our Dane on their dog bed with no issues. The vet said it would go away, but it has not and I am tired of cleaning up after trying to pet him. He is free to a good home with some land to run around, preferably with some sort of livestock that could give him a "job."


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