Gigi is a 9 year old, 50 lb. spayed cattle dog mix in San Antonio, TX.

Gigi is a quirky, super-affectionate cattle dog mix, who wants nothing more than to give you all her love and to receive all of yours in return. She is supposedly around 9 years old, but you'd never know it by her energy levels and willingness to adventure.  Just bring out a ball or the water hose and her excitement puts puppies to shame!  Although she hasn't quite grasped the concept of fetch, she's fully mastered the concept of sneak-thievery and keep-away once she's claimed her prize. She's gotten along with every dog she's met (or lived with!), both large and small, mostly by sniffing them once and then happily marching back off to the beat of her own drum, but she never turns down human love... unless she's in a new environment where sniffing all the things takes top priority, naturally.  She grumbles/grunts a lot (which I LOVE), and she gets excited when it's food time... she prances and dances and spins in circles, ready to eat. She's the best sleeper, she gets comfy and doesn't move all night, and she's also an excellent substitute for a home alarm system. She is kennel/crate trained; very relaxed and calm when confined in one, but her most favorite place to be is anywhere you are. She just wants to be loved and petted, and she deserves the best home we can find for her.


Now the backstory.  Gigi had been abandoned at a shelter in Charlotte, North Carolina in early 2018, and was heartworm positive and un-housebroken until we brought her home as a foster in July 2018. Over the course of those first 6+ months, we got her healthy and housebroken, but did not feel comfortable sending her back to the shelter for long periods of time, fearing her potty training would regress. When we moved to San Antonio, Texas, in April 2019 we chose not to abandon her as her previous owners had done, so we technically adopted her. However, as much as we love her, our goal has always been to find the very best family fit we can find so that we can continue to help other dogs that need fostering. 


She is a true heeler, in the sense that she is always by your side, content to follow you anywhere and everywhere both inside and outside, and snooze at your feet. She has a beautiful, thick, mostly white fur coat with blue merle spotting covering her entire body, with dark ears and an eye patch.  She has done well with young children under 8, and we have been working with her on gently taking treats. She used to be food aggressive, and while that has tempered out greatly, we still feed her separately, simply because she finishes first most often. Once Gigi is in your arms (on the couch or bed), she's so happy that it sometimes takes her a few minutes to settle down, but once she's relaxed, Gigi is a great cuddling companion.


We will be happy to help transport her, depending upon distance, as she is an EXCELLENT road tripper, and we are NOT asking for an adoption/rehoming fee. If the adopter would like to make a donation, the Petco Foundation, ACDRA, or any local animal shelter would greatly appreciate a donation of any size, I'm sure. The most important thing to me is her safety, health, and happiness, so I will want to do a meet and greet if the adopter has other animals, and I will be occasionally checking in with her new family over the years because as far as I'm concerned, we'll all be family then.  


Gigi is a very special girl, and I genuinely hope with all my heart that you can see from her photos how much love and laughter she has to offer.  I can't wait to meet you.


Please email me at  She's been waiting for you for literally her whole life.

Mailing Address: ACDRA, PO Box 7204, Garden City, NY 11530-5729

Fax: 724-768-7354

ACDRA is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit dog rescue dedicated to helping Australian Cattle Dogs in need.

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