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Georgia is a 6 year old, 35 lb. spayed female in Roanoke, VA.

i don’t even know how to start this post. We are looking to rehome Georgia. George is so many wonderful things. She is a bundle of ferocious love and an unlimited bundle of energy. She loves freely and has never met someone she doesn’t like/deem worthy of kisses and cuddles. She knows her fair share of commands (sit, lay down, roll over) and is a great listener when she wants to be. She absolutely loves fetch and loves to chew. That being said, she’s also one of the most stubborn and sassiest pups I’ve ever met. Georgia’s story is crazy. My husband found her on the side of the road in a thunderstorm in 2018 and she had been shot with BBs with several in her butt and a mean angry open wound on her leg.$ 5,000 dollars in vet bills later, we not only have a new dog, but she’s also pregnant.

Fast forward to today. Georgia is amazing. She plays fetch like nobody’s business and is one of the best snugglers around (if you don’t mind the occasional neck lick or 2). But George is also a herding dog who is going absolutely insane with the confines of our situation. She doesn’t have the ability to run safely here and she’s started to respond to our newborn babe in a not good way. She destroys things if left alone too long and will eat anything if it’s left out. She also seems like she may do best in a one dog home. I’ll break it down:

Pros: great snuggles, full of infinite love, small and cute as hell, soft fur, extraordinary smart, kind
Cons: dominant to a fault, herding instinct/prey drive, aggressive towards other dogs (at least the other one we have - see below), never ending energy, eats anything and everything left out

I don’t want to sugarcoat anything because I want her to find someone who understands the breed, will be patient, and will love her like we do. Her dominance is becoming an issue in our house because we have another dog who is 10 that she bullies. With our baby moving more and starting to jump around, her herding instinct seems to be kicking in and we have to keep them separate. Clipping her nails is an impossible task that requires drugs or a vet visit. When both dogs start barking at something, George will automatically turn and attack our other pup. She's toy and food aggressive. She’s drawn blood on several occasions (from our other dog, she has never bitten one of us). Her never ending energy leaves her acting crazy most evenings because we don’t have the ability to let her run freely or provide her with enough stimulation (we work full time and have a new baby).

With all of that being said, she’s truly an amazing dog. She’s goofy, smart, and one of the best cuddlers I’ve ever met. I’m honestly so so sad to be writing this and exploring this as an option, but our situation just isn’t fair to her. She deserves to be somewhere she can run freely, explore, maybe even have a job on a farm.

George is spayed and up to date on all of her shots. If Georgia sounds like she may be a good fit for you, please reach out. I’d love to schedule a time for you to meet her. Thanks for reading through!


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