Gabby is an 11 year old, 58 lb. female in Colonial Heights, VA.

Gabby is an amazing cattle dog that has been a part of our family for 10 years. We adopted her when she was about a year old. Unfortunately, we had to move in with family and can't keep her.


She is super smart and food motivated. She is house trained and knows basic commands. She is not good with all dogs and should not live with cats/ small animals. She is cautious around new men she has never met before but is great with kids.


She is dog selective and is aggressive with other dominant males as well as small dogs. She is also aggressive with cats/small animals. She has nipped my mom on her arm when over excited to see her. She did bite someone on the arm last week when he was down on the ground rough housing with our other dog. She did break the skin in one spot. She has been living with a friend temporarily for the past couple months while we try to find a new home. He has put her outside all the time and we are seeing more aggression in her in the past couple weeks....starting fights with his dog a couple times and biting the friend. She is cage aggressive when in a kennel (not in the crate at home).

Overall she is very healthy. She has a small umbilical hernia that hasn't changed in 10 years. She also has a broken upper canine that has not affected her, there is no pulp exposure. She is up to date on vaccines and is spayed. She is on flea/ tick prevention as well as heartworm prevention. Gabby is fast when she wants to be but is happy lounging around. She is happiest hanging on the sofa with the family.

Gabby is in Colonial Heights, VA.

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