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Finn is a 4-6 year old, 50 lb. neutered male in Philadelphia, PA.

Fynn came to us through a foster service about a year and a half ago. He had no medical history apart from his recent vaccinations, not even a good estimate of his age. We were enchanted by his goofy smile and cautious but curious approach.

What we couldn't know at the time is that Fynn has substantial anxiety, especially around body handling and strangers in the home. We have since employed an extensive professional care team to help Fynn acclimate in West Philadelphia, and while he has made great strides, he is still triggered by many aspects of city life (mainly noise and crowds).


Fynn has nipped at (no biting or snapping) a few people who were attempting to train or leash him during supervised sessions. In two cases, this resulted in ripped clothing, but no broken skin or bruising. In all cases, he was nipping at the ankle or lower leg.

We have a close relationship with Fynn and wish we could keep him forever. He is eager to please, enjoys training, play, and snuggling on the couch. Unfortunately, there are certain privileges we cannot offer him -- a lot of land to run free and the quietude of suburban or rural life -- that now seem critical to his comfort. Could your home offer what ours cannot? We just want him to be happy.


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