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Fiona is a 2 year old, 35 lb. spayed female mix in Indianapolis, IN.

Fiona is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet - she's a 2-year-old Australian Cattle Dog Mix. She loves cuddling with her humans and has the softest fur! In addition, she is wicked smart, knows basic commands like sit, stay, paw, and come, and is fully house-trained. Fiona is very athletic and loves going on walks or runs (she makes a GREAT running partner) or just sniffing around the yard. She sleeps through the night and is pretty well crate trained!


Fiona does need to be the only pet in the household. We rescued her from a completely full shelter a few weeks ago - unfortunately, her personality and the personality of our current female adult dog just do not mesh, so we are hoping to find Fiona her forever home.

Fiona appears to be a bit dog reactive, although her leash reactivity has already greatly improved with some training. Unfortunately, our current dog also has some reactivity, so the two of them have not meshed well. We consulted with a trainer and behaviorist and believe Fiona would fit best as the only pet in the home. The aggression is ONLY directed at other dogs - she loves other people, including family visitors who have come to our house.


There was an incident with our current dog where the current dog was laying on the ground and Fiona approached her, our current dog growled and Fiona continued to approach, so the current dog lunged at her and they got into a fight. Fiona bit our dog's back leg (thigh area), which required medical attention.

With people, Fiona is so sweet and loving and would make a wonderful companion. She would do best in a semi-active household that can give her some time outside / one walk / some exercise each day, but she has slept almost all day while we work.


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