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Ember is a 7 year old, 48 lb. spayed female in Flagstaff, AZ.

Ember is a loyal and loving companion with excellent household “manners”. She is a red-heeler mix who was rescued in Northern Arizona at about 1 year old and has been with our family ever since. She is fully housebroken, doesn’t counter surf or get into the trash, stays off the furniture, etc. She is intelligent and eager to please once she knows what is expected and has a strong foundation in obedience training. Ember loves other dogs and plays like a much younger pup if she finds a willing companion. Ember is fiercely bonded to my family and me, including 2 small children, who she is very gentle towards.


Unfortunately, Ember is more wary of other humans and shows anxiety and fear aggression towards strangers, particularly near our home. She is typically on high alert to sights and sounds and is unable to relax if there is unusual activity or people near or in our home. She has never truly bitten anybody but has snarled and snapped when she finds herself in close proximity to strangers. Given our chaotic household and the fact that our children are only getting bigger and more independent, we have come to accept that we cannot safely continue to manage Ember in our small and chaotic household.

Ember is not a “beginner” dog, but could likely overcome at least some of her anxiety in a quieter environment and through behavior modification training. In the past, she has gotten along well with the few children she has encountered and most women, particularly if other dogs are around. She is much more reactive towards men and has rarely warmed up towards any she did not meet soon after being rescued. Ember is a homebody and would do well in a calm, stable, adult household where she has a separate, safe space to be in if visitors come over. She would do very well with a doggy companion to play with and learn from. If you are looking for a social dog who can happily interact with a variety of people, she is not the dog for you. But if you are looking for a loyal companion to be by your side for walks, hikes, or just lounging around the house, she could be your next best friend.



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