Duni is a 4 year old, 44 lb. neutered male in Bronx, NY

I took him out of an abusive home where he was tied on a short rope in the backyard, with little shade and a permanent shock collar to stop his barking. He was rarely interacted with, beyond water and food fills. He was underweight, sunburned and extremely happy to leave. 


I spent 4wks with him in TX, he stayed in the backyard freely. I took him for hikes in mornings and evenings every day. He was thriving in that situation. With very small introductions of people and animals. He was friendly to my sisters two chihuahuas. I then transported him to NY by car. I believe this caused a lot of stress for him. He is also much more stressed back in NY. He stays in a crate while inside as I'm working on his potty training. I do few 10 min. sessions per day with him inside working on his recall. He loves me but is very suspicious of new people. I just keep distance between him and new folks on walks and give him treats at sign of alert to new folks.


He has gotten along with every dog he has met just not ours, and I think he would have been fine if our dog was okay with him. He needs open space even just a yard he can call his. I live in a 1 bedroom apt with my wife and another dog. It is not the environment he needs.

All dog interactions have been great (he is like a puppy so many dogs have been helping him learn). Our own dog didn't like him sniffing and snapped and tried to get away from him and he nipped at her hind legs. We aren't certain but we believe he punctured her hind leg one tooth. It was not aggressive though. She was rapidly getting away and his prey drive kicked in.


He randomly nipped the father's ankle and lightly broke skin. He had been around him many times before off leash. We believe it was due to stress of transporting from TX to NY. He now is very cautious of new people and as long as I keep distance and try counter conditioning he relaxes. If surprise or near him he lunges barking. This is new behavior and I assume due to stress from move and new place.

Duni is up to date on rabies, distemper/parvovirus vaccines.

Duni is in Bronx, NY.

For information, email chrispayan@yahoo.com

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