Duke & Honey are year old littermates in New Berlin, WI.

Duke & Honey are looking for a home together.


Duke and Honey are a brother sister pair of ACD/Border Collie Mixes. They are just over a year old with Duke being about 35 ponds and Honey 30.


They are both very people and dog friendly and love to chase each other, wrestle, and play fetch. They love running with other dogs at the dog park as well. Both are crate trained, potty trained, good on leashes, and have yet to chew on anything in the house or do anything terrible in that sense.


The bottom line is this, my elderly parents got them as puppies and quickly realized it was a mistake. To avoid my parents taking them to the humane society, I said I would take them off of their hands to rehome them. I have worked with them as much as I can, but with my work travel and already owning 3 pets myself, I really can't give them the attention they deserve. A couple possible suitors fell through so I chose to try and find a venue to get these two a forever home with someone they belong with.


I am only willing to re home them as a pair. They are both great dogs, and if money and time were of no concern, I would keep them as they are fantastic. Whoever adopts them will need a fenced in yard as they have not yet been trained to be off leash in public. I have been working on recall with Duke (both know sit, and "go home" which means to go in their crates.) "No" is the universal word for them to stop doing something.


Honey has food aggression against other dogs (not her brother any more). She can be slightly toy aggressive with other dogs as well.

I will not be charging a fee to adopt and with the dogs will also come their toys, crates, and other effects. I am not willing to pay for transportation to a new home.

Duke & Honey are in New Berlin, WI.

For more information email thaddeus.zielinski@gmail.com

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