Dozer is a 5 year old, 60 lb. neutered mix in Pickerington, OH.

Dozer is skittish from all of the abuse he has endured. He does not like his crate. He is completely housebroken. He has some issues getting into trash and eating socks though. He has tons of energy that would require a fenced in yard. He is also a runner. He will run until he finds another dog. The best way to get him back is to follow him with a car. He likes car rides and will jump into the car.


He is horrible with cats, but great with people of any age. He is not a dog park friendly dog. When taking him to the dog park, he became aggressive with 2 dogs. Dozer is selective about the dogs he likes. He loves my golden retriever puppy, but is indifferent towards my pit bull.


He is a picky eater. Dozer was found outside of a meth house when he was a puppy. Who knows what kind of drugs he had be around. A teenager found him and brought him home. At the time his skin looked horrible. He had mange and fleas so bad that if you pet him, your hand would turn black from the fleas. Dozer's new family did not know how to properly take care of him. Dozer was always considered a nuisance. The family hated the dog, but did not want to take him to their local shelter because it was a kill shelter. Dozer was always getting into trouble because of his energy level.


Upon visiting Dozer's old family I noticed that he was sick. I told him that they needed to get him to the vet. When I came to visit his family a month later, they still had not taken him to the vet. They then released him to me. The vet said he had a UTI and two different skin infections. He received a shot to calm his allergies along with a medicated shampoo, medicated rinse, broad spectrum antibiotics, and meds for a yeast infection. The vet also gave him meds for anxiety. They have helped tremendously, but he still has some anxiety.


I cannot keep him because he terrorizes my cats and does not fit in with our dogs. He needs a house that does not have cats. Dozer would do best in a house with another dog that he gets along with.


His potential adopters would have to be willing to work with him emotionally. He has a hard time trusting people. People have always been cruel to him. He needs to know he is loved.


I am willing to transport him to his new home. I would like to do a home check before he is officially adopted. His adoption fee is $350. This covers his recent medical bills and allows me to make a donation to ACDRA.

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