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Daisy is a 4 year old, 40 lb. spayed female in Waterford, MA.

This is Daisy. She is a 4 year old (turning 5 in April) Australian Cattle Dog/ Australian Shepherd. She’s very healthy.


She is pretty energetic at times, her favorite thing to do is SWIM! She loves long walks but she is a strong puller, so her new owner will need to be able to handle or train the leash pulling. She’s very lovey and likes to cuddle as much as possible.


She does not have accidents in the house and she is very well behaved (doesn’t chew furniture or anything like that) but she does like to swallow small things like socks and will get into the trash if it is’t out of her reach. We have two other male heelers that she mostly gets along well with but she is alpha. She is picky about meeting other dogs. She has gotten along with cats.


She is very protective of me and is picky with people sometimes as well. She needs to be muzzled for vet visits. The reason we need to rehome her is because she has been aggressive towards our son. She has never liked children and has bitten a child in the past, so we have been very careful and thankfully she has not bitten our baby but we know that Daisy is uncomfortable with children and will do well in a home without any children.


She really needs a completely fenced in yard otherwise she will run off and she is very fast. Daisy is also great at keeping small animals out of our yard! She has caught groundhogs, opossums, squirrels, and birds  

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