Daisy is a 30 lb., 1 year old Aussie/Heeler mix in Culleoka, TN.

Daisy is ready to play with a new family! She is very playful, smart, snuggly, and has the cutest ears that flop when she runs. Daisy is spayed,
microchipped, and current on vaccines, heartworm and flea/tick prevention. She loves squeaky toys, balls, ice cubes, and belly rubs. She loves her adult humans and is a cuddlebug with them. She will even
give hugs on command!


Daisy knows several commands; some of which include sit, stay, roll, off, and leave it. Daisy loves to play the game "find it" where a treat is hidden under a bucket and she has to search for the right bucket with the treat. She also enjoys playing keep away with her toys but will drop it when she is commanded to do so. She is eager to learn, especially when food is involved, and I believe she would enjoy agility exercises as a good energy outlet.


I would say she is medium to high energy level as she loves to play outside but will rest on the couch with you at night. She walks well on leash with a head collar and is good in the car crated. I have never tried riding in the car with her out of a crate. She does reasonably well in her crate inside, she whines if her humans are outside the house and she is


Daisy needs to go to an experienced dog owner who is familiar with the needs of her breeds. She is nervous around strange adults and is fear reactive(barks and growls). She does seem to warm up to adult fairly easily and begs for attention. We have worked with a trainer some and are conditioning her to not be so fearful of strangers. She would benefit greatly from having additional training from a professional to deal with her behavior. She can't go to a home with children or one with any plans on
having children. She has bitten 3 children including one of my children. The children she has bitten have been under the age of 8 but has reacted fearfully to older children as well.


When she was younger, we took her to dog parks and she played very well with other dogs but hasn't been around any dogs in a few
months, so I would say a slow introduction would be best. We have an outdoor only cat and she has never shown any aggression toward him. She tries to play with him as if he were the same size so she
does tend to be a little rough. I think dog savvy cats would be ok. I believe she is housebroken as she hasn't had an accident in months but she is frequently taken outside to use the bathroom or crated so I can't be certain. She submissively urinates with some adults but not others.


Our family loves her and is so devastated to have to rehome Daisy. We have tried to work with a trainer to help her deal with her anxiety with children but have realized our household with 2 young children is
in over our head with her. If you feel you may be able to give Daisy a good life or have any questions please let me know. We really believe she can be a great dog in the right household with the right family.


We may be willing to help with transportation to the right home and are not going to charge an adoption fee. She will come with toys and any food and heartworm prevention we have at time of adoption.

Daisy is in Culleoka, TN.

For more information, email sdbangel@yahoo.com

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