Oreo is a shy, 7 year old, 60 lb., Male ACD mix.

Oreo is a shy 7 year old Australian Cattle Dog mix. Oreo is house trained, and has adjusted to apartment living, but definitely prefers a backyard. She is nervous at first around new people, but is getting much better at warming up to new people more quickly. She is comfortable around men, women and children but warms up to women the fastest. She currently is living with a cat and a small dog, and is curious about new animals. She loves walks, tummy rubs, and running. She also knows how to sit, shake and is kennel trained. Oreo has had seizures since she was about 3 years old. She is taking medication which really seems to help keep the seizures under control. Oreo was adopted by my ex-husband when she was 3 months old but he is no longer able/willing to care for her. I am a student and cannot have animals where I live. One of my friends has been taking care of Oreo while I search for a new home but she will be moving soon and cannot take Oreo with her to her new home. I am willing to travel to find Oreo a good home. She is a sweet dog that deserves someone who will love her forever. Please contact me with any questions.


For more information, email kharrier@me.com



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