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Boston is a 6 year old, 45 lb. spayed female in Olean, NY

Boston is a sweet dog who has done agility, nose work, and other classes. She walks really well on a leash but needs distance from other dogs. She likes personal space! She is crate trained and has been taught many commands including some hand commands. Has a fenced in yard and has never been free to roam. She has never dug or tried to go over fence! Loves spending time in her yard. Loves cuddling daddy. She sleeps well and is very food focused.


She is not resource protective with people but is with other dogs if they are close. Her perfect home would be a a home with another large dog who is laid back but loves to play. She spent most of her life living with elderly disabled people in the home and was awesome with them. I would recommend a home with no small animals or children. Teens would be fine.


I need to rehome her because I suddenly have to care for my daughter's two dogs which are little and one is a chihuahua with an atttude which will cause her to be potentially hurt if they get together. My daughter is in a recovery program and I hope to have her stay with us when she comes back home. The stress of keeping dogs separate is taking a toll on me.


Boston lived with a border collie lab mix for 6 years until that dog passed away from cancer. They got along well. She also has lived with a jack russell chihuahua mix who most of the time was okay but we had a few incidents due to food resourcing on both sides.


Boston is not high energy but loves walks and playing fetch. She was born in our home due to us fostering her mom. We have puppy pictures and videos. We love her but my daughter has to come first.


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