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Chadey is a 2 year old, 65 lb. neutered male in Wooster, OH.

Meet Chadey, also known as Crackhead! He currently lives in Wooster, Oh. Chadey is 2 years old (May 21 ,2022) and weighs in at 60-65 pounds. He is up-to-date on vaccinations, neutered, and microchipped. He is crate-trained, house-broken, and knows basic commands. His recall is pretty good in the house, but I wouldn’t trust him off leash. He is good in his crate and will retreat there during times of stress.

Chadey isn’t a snuggle bug but has his moments of love bug-ness, especially in the mornings before getting out of bed! He’s a big chewer – and goes to town on bones and hoof chews. Stuffed toys die violent deaths if he gets ahold of them. He’s sweet and goofy and very devoted to his favorite person.

Chadey does not do well with cats or any other small animals. He’s been known to terrorize the birds in the yard. He has a very high prey drive and the poor bunnies in the neighborhood are in trouble if he ever gets loose. Additionally, he is dog aggressive, especially on leash, and is a resource guarder. Chadey should not be in a home with children, either, because he’s both mouthy and jumpy. He loves his kid (my granddaughter) but I wouldn’t trust him with other children right now.

Chadey is crazy-smart and needs to be engaged. He’s very attached to his people, but not so interested in others. He went through a four week board and train program in Georgia and his trainer reported that he was good on leash with both dogs and people, but he is the polar opposite at home, he doesn’t react well to people or animals on the street during walks. He was also trained with an e-collar which may have been effective with the trainer but seems to have escalated problem behavior over time.

Chadey’s adopter should be a single person or couple who are looking for a dog they can do things with like scent work. He needs cognitive stimulation where he can use his brain through games and activities. He will definitely benefit from more work with a professional trainer, as well. A trainer with Cattle Dog experience would be an ideal adopter. It will take time for him to accept anyone who comes to meet him. Introducing new people has to be done slowly and with baby steps.

Chadey LOVES to play ball. LOVES-LOVES-LOVES. And he is good at it. Nothing else exists in his world when we are playing ball. A Hand-held ball launcher is a must! Chadey is a high energy cattle dog. Humans will wear out before he does! He goes ballistic with herding balls. He pushes it all over the yard yapping the entire time! Jolly balls only last a few weeks! He’s known for chewing off the handle then making a hole in it large enough to wear it on his head.

I am rehoming because he instigates fights with my 12 year old Great Dane and my daughter has insisted that I rehome him before my granddaughter is allowed to come back to my house. Unfortunately I got too close to the last fight and ended up in the hospital the next day for emergency surgery on my hand, so my daughter is concerned with my granddaughter’s safety.


I believe his aggression towards the Great Dane is a result of the added stress and fear and lack of heavy exercise. Also, previous home in Ga had a fenced backyard where he could run. Kickball was a favorite game. Now that we’re in Ohio I rent and cannot put up a fence so he doesn’t get the amount of exercise he needs. I have back issues from an accident so running or hiking (which I know would be good for him) are hard activities for me to engage in. The neighbors insist that he’s a vicious dog because of the way he reacts to people and other dogs while we are out on our walks, and he started a fight with the Dane in front of the neighbors yard. I’m apprehensive of what will happen if someone decides they must take action.


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