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Blue is a 1.5 year old, 60 lb. neutered male in Mt. Holly Springs, PA

This is Blue. Choosing to rehome him has been a difficult decision. We live in a small town with a small yard. We have 2 young boys and he can sometimes play rough, jump & play nip. Because of this a home with no children would be best.


He can be okay with other dogs when introduced slowly. He is not very good on leash. When he sees someone or someone walking their dog he barks and his hair stands up. So you have to be alert when walking & be firm with him.


He does the same thing when he sees people walking or riding bikes near our house. He loves playing with toys, balls, bones and chew toys.


He is not food aggressive. He knows basic commands like sit and lay. He knows how to use bells to go outside. He is invisible fence trained. He loves car rides! He is very stubborn, demanding, and strong willed. He does bark to get your attention or when you are not doing what he wants you to do. He can be a cuddler but only when he is ready. Up to date on vaccines and neutered. Crate trained.


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