Huey is a 1.5 year old, 50 lb. neutered ACD in Albuquerque, NM.

Huey is a very smart 17 month old cattle dog who is super eager to please. I have had him for 3 months and he has learned sit, shake, lay down, and off. He is halfway there with fetch (he doesn’t like dropping the ball or stick) and he is still working on stay.


He is very cuddly and loving when at home, but also loves to run around outside. He is still learning how to come every time his name is called, but when off leash on a trail, he tends to run out ahead a few hundred feet and then runs back to check on you. Basically, herding you :-)


He is protective and super loyal. While he is always willing to get in his crate, he has some separation anxiety issues which, considering his history makes a lot of sense. He was originally adopted to be a working dog which did not work out, he was given back to his breeder, then adopted by me. He has had a lot of upheaval & I am confident he will do well and flourish with some consistency. There are a number of challenges that I believe he can work through with the right person who has experience with his breed, but I have failed to instill in to him.


He has a lot of trouble with other dogs. He aggresses and lunges other dogs. When playful or aggressive, he tends to pull really hard on leash and nip. He weighs about 55-60lbs (which is about half as much as me) and when he gets in these states, it is nearly impossible for me to physically keep him in check.


I am determined to find Huey the best home that I can. I love Huey very much and am heartbroken to have to make this call, but I know he will lead his best life with someone who has the time, skills, and resources to help him be the best pup he can be.

Huey is in Albuquerque, NM.

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