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Odin is a 2 year old, 35 lb. neutered male in Chesterbrook, PA

Although, Odin has not bitten other dogs, at times he is reactive towards dogs, loud cars, bikes, motorcycles, and runners. I think that it makes him feel more unsure so he lunges in that direction. I walk him with a Baskerville muzzle for my comfort.

Odin takes awhile to warm up to people, he does not trust everyone. Once Odin warms up to you, he will follow you in every room.

Odin is very athletic and loves to play ball. Odin likes to swim, take baths, and get his teeth brushed. Odin loves snacks and gleefully runs to his dinner bowl.

Odin has a high pitched bark when he wants to go outside. Odin is very quick to go potty (pee) or poop. He doesn’t waste time and goes almost immediately after leaving the house.

Odin is very intelligent and has attended Sit means Sit dog training. Odin always wants to satisfy you and follows all commands. He has attended numerous group dog classes without reactive behavior but I always use a muzzle and e-collar for my comfort.

I am very sad to give up Odin and hope that he can find a loving home. My new landlord will not accept pets.

Odin knows many words: heel, sit, up, down, paw, other paw, place, cross, no, snack, squirrel, dog, deer, fox, groundhog, spin, jump, leave it, ball, potty(pee), poop, etc.

Odin loves car rides and is ready to play ball everyday.


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