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Coconut is a 4-5 year old spayed female in Louisville, KY.

Coconut cannot wait to be your forever velcro dog. She is a sweet, rambunctious, and affectionate ACD that loves to spend a lot of time outside frolicking. Coco has so much love to give. She will follow you around and snuggle up by your feet. She gives constant kisses and really loves humans. She has the softest ears you’ll ever touch!

The shelter told us that she is between 4-5 years old. She was possibly a stray and we don’t know anything about her background. She now has all her shots and is spayed.

She is high energy and will need lots of exercise such as running around outside, mental stimulation, and regular walks or runs. Like all cattle dogs, she is vocal and loves to talk. She also loves to sleep and relax after a nice romp in the yard.

Due to her likely being a stray in her past, she will need training to work on her behavior. When you’re walking her, it’s important to be present and have control. She has exhibited some reactive behaviors towards other dogs. She nipped at one dog who was off leash, which may have been from fear. She also bit another dog while out walking. Both dogs were fine but it is a behavior to be aware of. She would do best in a home with no other pets or small children. When walking, it’s best to redirect away from other dogs to be safe. The shelter told us to use a muzzle during vet visits as she gets very nervous. We used a soft muzzle and she was totally fine as she’s very friendly to people.

We have worked on simple commands and she responds well to treats and training. She will need someone who doesn’t mind training a little bit each day and working with her to improve over time. CBD treats & oil have been successful and seem to really calm her down. We think a fairly calm home with outdoor space is ideal for her anxiety and needs.

She is potty trained and almost never has any accidents in the house, just a couple during the first couple of weeks.

She does great by herself when we’re away from the house and doesn’t have any destructive behaviors. She does like to eat paper such as toilet paper and receipts so be mindful of that. She gets bored easily but loves chew treats like bully sticks.

The ideal family for Coconut doesn’t mind a challenge and has owned high energy dogs in the past. You respect dogs immensely and have compassion for all their quirks and needs. You’re not afraid to put in time for training to keep her safe and you’re aware of Cattle Dog breed characteristics. As mentioned, we don’t know much about her past and we assume socialization may have been very low. If you’re looking for a fun, challenging, incredibly affectionate loyal dog, then Coconut can’t wait to meet you and we look forward to chatting with you soon!

We are willing to drive to nearby states to meet you.


Please email or call us if you are interested in Coconut or have questions. or 859-576-2349. Coconut is looking forward to meeting you!

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