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Cobia is a 3 year old, 55 lb.  neutered male in Chesterbrook, PA

Cobia is a Red Heeler that is very lovable, food driven dog. He loves to play tug of war. Cobia is very intelligent, knows basic commands, comfortable with e-collar. He has a habit of jumping up on people so having a toddler as a sibling would not be ideal. Cobia gives many kisses, will go to place on cot and sleep in his own bed. Cobia has a deep voice and will bark during play or at a pet sibling. He is dominant over heeler brother, so being an only pet might be better.

Cobia is so good driven that he will get up from cot or sitting position for a random snack. He will go to strangers and thinks that everyone is pet friendly and interested in his kisses. He tolerates baths and doesn’t mind tooth brushing.

If given an opportunity Cobia will chase a deer, fox, rabbit, squirrel, and ground hog. Cobia knows how to heel and can walk by these animals without chasing however the dog handler has to be mindful of this urge. Cobia will eat food left out on a counter or a garbage can.

Cobia is very intelligent. He knows many words: sit, heel, down, no, poop, potty (pee), stop, place, up, down, back, dog, squirrel, deer, fox, groundhog, leave it, raise leg, spin, give paw/shake, give other paw, roll over, etc.

It saddens me to have to give up Cobia. My new landlord does not want pets. He needs a loving home.


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