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Bumbo is a 7 year old 80 lb. neutered male in Norton, MA.

Bumbo is a formerly abused pet who has been with his present parent for approximately 3 years. They have been working on his anxiety and reactivity during that time, but he still needs to keep working. So someone with some experience with anxious and/or reactive dogs would be a plus! He barks when he hears loud sounds or sees something that he might deem threatening, but absolutely does not bite and has never done so.

At present, Bumbo lives in an apartment and would thrive best in a home with more space and room to stretch his legs, though he does love to lay about. Surprisingly lazy, Bumbo often has to be goaded into playing or engaging with toys, but you get him running or chasing, he can have a really good time!

Bumbo is a tremendous sweetheart when comfortable, loves to sit with his parent and lay with his head on your lap. He's also really, really clever. Bumbo learns new tricks very quickly, solved puzzles almost too fast, and wants mental stimulation more thna anything else. He's incredibly well house-trained and is really good about communicating his wants and needs to go outside. Just as much, he's good at communicating his desire to go back inside! He'll lead you back home from your daily walk once he's had enough, no matter where you are. Be careful when teaching him new tricks, though, because he'll pick up the weirdest phrases, like "can I have this" for "paw" if you say them just once!

Ultimately, Bumbo just needs to find a home in which he will thrive and have the best life available to him. Could this be with you!


Contact with any questions!

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