Buddy is a 2 year old ACD in North Charleston, SC. 

I have recently been tested and found out that I'm allergic to many things including my two fur babies. I have been taking medication and sprays to attempt to help the allergies. I've even started Immunology shots, but they won't have any real effect for almost a year. Unfortunately so far none of this is enough to combat the allergies.

Buddy is our boy. We took him in when a friend was going to take him to the pound for killing her chickens. We are not sure what he is mixed with, though one of his parents is a cattle dog. He is so loyal. When we got him he didn't even know what a toy was. He was afraid to be indoors. He had been a yard dog. He now loves the indoors and his toys! He absolutely loves any and all attention you will give him! He has a habit of putting his paw on you when you pet him, but he learns pretty quickly if you don't like that. He is about 2 years old. We don't know his exact birthday. He has been with us for over a year.


I have seen Buddy be super gentle with small toddlers, but he has nipped my eight year old son on a few occasions. We have determined that all of these incidents occurred when Buddy was separated from my son by either a gate or his kennel. He has never broken the skin. He does have a history of killing chickens, so I can only assume he would not be good with small animals. He is very much afraid of other dogs, also. He and our other dog adjusted to each other and play very well together. Anytime I've tried to introduce him to another dog, he has run as far and as fast as possible with his tail tucked between his legs. His few faults aside, he is the sweetest and most loyal pup. He loves running after a ball or bone and bringing it back. He doesn't quite give the ball back, but he brings it back to show that he did better than our other dog. He did learn to bark, but usually only makes a fuss about other dogs.


Buddy is in North Charleston, SC.

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