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Buddy is a 2 year old, 25 lb. neutered male in Richmond, VA.

Buddy is a small 2 year old (August) Blue Heeler. He is about 25 pounds, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered. We found him wandering the street in Miami back in September 2023 with this vet record. When we called his previous owner they made up some story that sounded very fake about moving out of the state and leaving the dog with a friend, whom they couldn’t share contact info for. It was clear they had abandoned him within the previous month or so and had no interest in finding him a safe placement, so we took him back home to Richmond, VA with us where he is now.

We have only had him a few months, but so far Buddy has been very smart, athletic and playful. He very much sticks close to his people and is extremely attentive to where we are and what we’re doing. He has a lot of energy, and can run alongside my bike much longer than I can ride. He’s a great travel companion in the car or on foot, he’s always happy to be accompanying his people and never tries to run off or show signs of leash aggression. Love to play fetch endlessly and to find toys we hide around the house. Cannot emphasize enough how smart this guy is! He even catches mice that find their way into our house at night, and is very proud of his services.

The reason we are re-homing his is because of his one flaw, which is his pretty intense resource guarding with his bed/crate, and sometimes objects he finds laying around the house that he particularly likes (crayons, blankets, etc.). He bit me once on the hand because I tried to clean up the crayons I didn’t realize he took ownership of.


Additionally, his resource guarding is almost exclusively at night right before we all go to bed, as in his bed is in the dining room and we cannot go into the dining room at night or he will bark, snap, and chase us out. However, once the sun is up the dining room can be shared by all.


We have a 2 year old son, whom Buddy has been excellent with and protects him diligently out in the yard or when there are groups of people around. He has never showed any aggression toward him or other children we encounter on walks. He would make a really great dog for the right family who can provide him with the exercise and leadership he needs, which I’m sad to say our family just doesn’t have the capacity for right now.


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