Breeder Return Guidelines


ACDRA’s goal is to ensure to the best of our ability that dogs coming in to our care are placed into homes where they will be taken care of for the remainder of their lives.


We recognize that there are times when a dog ends up in rescue that was originally from a breeder. When this happens and we are aware of it, ACDRA and its elected officials, will do our due diligence to contact the dog's breeder. While these dogs are in our care, and ownership is being determined, we will care for them as rescue dogs per our standard protocols. Once ownership has been established, we will offer assistance in reuniting the breeder and dog provided the breeder is in the position to take the dog back. ACDRA understands that there are responsible breeders who want the best for the dogs they have bred and assume responsibility for them for life in the chance they do not remain with their original owner.


If a breeder (who does not have any legal charges concerning animal abuse, pending or final) does want their dog back, we will ask that the breeder either:

1. Provide the dog's microchip number and proof of insertion/initial registration, if the dog has been chipped, or

2. Tattoo number, if the dog has been tattooed, or

3. Any other physical proof such as x-rays or DNA test (if the breeder wishes tocover the cost of the DNA test), or

4. Proof by contracts, photos of the dog, and any correspondence that prove the dog is unquestionably that breeder's dog.


The same procedure will apply to anyone who claims to have owned or co-owned a dog that a breeder will not or cannot (due to legal or other circumstances) take back. If it is concluded that the dog in question did come from that breeder, and they do want that dog back, it should be returned to the breeder/owner with the understanding that it is the breeder's duty (unless they ask for assistance) to provide all future care of the dog, including all medical care. If the breeder asks the rescue for assistance with any of these issues, the rescue has the option of declining.


Upon establishing the dog came from the breeder, we require an adoption contract to be completed, have personal and vet references checked, as well as a home check performed. This is the case with any adoption from ACDRA.