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Boomerang is a
2 year old, 43 lb. neutered male in Fayetteville, GA.

Energy Level: Medium - Needs exercise but afterwards is content to settle down and relax.

Personality Traits: Boomerang is a very, very sweet and affectionate dog that we rescued from the shelter in December. He is adaptable and does not stress out over noise or activity in the house. The vacuum doesn’t bother him at all, and after his initial excitement settles down he loves to ride in the car. He also loves to hang out in the office with me, and is a snuggle bug. He jumps on people when excited, we have been working on this since he came to us. He is housebroken, loves his crate, sleeps all night peacefully. We have been teaching him basic obedience since he arrived, but still needs work on advanced commands.

He is a smart, affectionate dog and an amazing companion, because he wants almost nothing more than to stay by your side (or on your lap) getting petted.

We are forced to find Boomer a new home because we have a small farm and nothing we’ve tried has stopped him from trying to get to the livestock. He has crawled under the fence, dug under the fence, tried to go through the fence, and finally jumped the fence (while supervised) and attacked a goat. We have small children/elderly parents and they are unable to handle him or be around him when he is reacting to the other animals here.

We think his new home should have a secure fenced in area, no other animals or livestock (he was fine with other dogs his size in daycare, but we can’t guarantee that he’d be fine with small dogs), and no small children/elderly (he is very loving, but his size and energy makes it hard for him to not knock them down). He sometimes pulls hard on the leash. That said, he is amazing in the crate, quiet, clean, food-motivated, smart, affectionate. He has so much love and fun to offer an adult or family without small children/elders/small pets/livestock.

He will come with all of his supplies including his wire crate, bed, food, collar, etc.


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