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Bones is a 1 year old, 24 lb. neutered male in Athens, OH.

Bones is so sweet to the people he trusts. He is the best cuddle buddy and looks at the world with such interest and appreciation. He is a mix and is small (20 pounds) so he is like a compact heeler! He is so smart and learns commands quickly. He has a ton of energy and needs a yard and exercise to be able to work with it.


He loves hiking and running at the dog park. He is good with other dogs off leash and is super gentle with our cats. He isn't too familiar with children and gets nervous around them. Working with him, I realized that with my hectic life, he needs more time and training than I can give. Also, with his anxieties, he deserves a house that is farther away from the hustle and bustle of the town that we currently live in.


He has heeler-nipped two people. Both broke the skin. This was a result of being approached while on a leash. I am assuming it was a herding behavior that should be trained and redirected.


He needs an experienced owner and one with compassion and patience. I do not take this lightly and will not give him up to just anyone. He deserves the very best.


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