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Boba Fetch is a 3 year old, 50 lb. neutered male in Seminole, FL.

Boba is a 3 year old, male neutered, 50 lb high energy, task driven dog that needs a home with plenty of room to run/play and a family that can give him a job to fulfill. He enjoys playing fetch with a ball, but is highly interested in frisbees. We like to say that he's highly intelligent with no common sense. He is completely house-broken and crate trained. He is able to be left alone without being destructive as long as there are no paper towels around.

He lives in a home with another dog and 3 cats, as well as an older child (12 years old) and gets along fine with everyone thinking everyone is just there to entertain him. Does not do well with small children, their small legs make him nervous. We do have to make the difficult decision to rehome him as we cannot provide the room he needs to run and play anymore and he deserves to have that. He is fully up to date on vaccines as well as heartworm prevention and is 100% purebred ACD (I have the wisdom panel papers).


He exhibits typical Heeler nipping at ankles. Mouthy with hands/arms, but only to direct you to what he wants (toys, pets, etc). Never broken skin/bruised.

We do need to evaluate potential adopters based on home, fenced-in yard, family, activity level, and are willing to help drive Boba to his new home. Expecting a $50 adoption fee unless you can prove that you've donated to an animal rescue group within the past year.


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