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Blue Girl is a 4 year old, 40 lb. spayed female in Jefferson, NY.

Blue-Girl came to me about a month ago, rescued by a friend of a friend. I'm retired, getting "up there" as they say, and she needs more room and running space than I can provide right now. She's a doll, really. Energetic (of course), healthy, and happy. She obeys all the time (okay, 93%). She herds me and others, even my lawn mower. She has been a joy. Spayed, and all shots this month. I'm really reluctant to let her go. But I think it's best.


Blue-Girl loves to ride in my Jeep. (If I even say the word J-e-e-p she's off to the car.)

I know of no problems with Blue-Girl. We hike the hills her together, and bike trails. If we are on my country road, and a car comes, such rushes to me and sits by my legs. And waits for an "okay" from me.

Love her. I think you will too.


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