Blue is a 2 year old, 44 lb. spayed female in Kirkwood, PA.

Blue is a smart, energetic and very alert Velcro dog that needs a new home with a fenced in yard, no other pets, and no young children. She would most likely prefer a man to be her new human, too, as she warms up to men much faster than women.


She is friendly, but cautious when meeting new people, and does not want to be petted unless she has initiated it. Her herding instinct is strong, but she does not nip at heels. She is a noisy barker when there is a lot of stimulation, she feels left out, or traveling in a car.


Blue is house trained and crate trained. She knows basic commands (sit, crate, off, give) and could easily learn more. She will also alert you to any delivery truck, walker, or outside movement.

Blue is being rehomed because my dad, her current owner, is in poor health and can no longer take care of her. I love her and have tried to keep her with me, but there are too many jealousy issues between her and her sister over me to keep two female litter mates in the same house.


While Blue doesn’t seem to like other dogs, she has never shown aggression towards another dog (other than normal barking, attempted heeler nips) except for her litter mate, which is part of the reason she needs a new home. The aggression with her sister never drew blood, but there was a lot of loud growling and fur flying, and increased difficulty in breaking up the fights.

Blue has never bitten anyone. She has nipped at other dogs as Heelers will, both in a get out of my face way and play herding. She barks at other dogs, and will be at full attention around them, but the tail is usually wagging. The only dog she has ever showed true aggression to is my dog, which happens to be her litter mate, and I believe that is because they are both jealous/protective of me. The fights between Blue and my dog never resulted in blood or required any medical attention, but they were escalating and were not as easy to stop. They would lock onto each other and growl and snarl very loudly with lots of fur flying. I did get a bite bruise from one of them during a fight, but I have no way of knowing which dog it was. It did not break the skin or require any medical attention. Their fighting seemed to be a direct result of one of them being near me/wanting or receiving attention from me, and later on food. This is the reason why I am forced to rehome Blue, as I can not keep them apart in my house (they are too smart for that), and it’s not fair to them. I also don’t want anyone to get hurt.


Blue is an adorable dog that deserves a wonderful home with someone who can be patient with her during this stressful transition. Her jumping and leash biting have gotten worse, but could be corrected again, as she is very smart and wants to please her human. She also needs someone with experience with heelers who understands that they are the most loyal dogs when they feel you deserve their respect and loyalty.


I want to make this transition as easy as possible for Blue. Her crate with mat, harness, leashes, seatbelt, an assortment of treats, and 35 pounds of food will be included with her. She was just at the vet for her yearly checkup and is up to date with her rabies, DHPP, and Lyme vaccinations. There is no rehoming fee for Blue, but a donation to ACDRA would be greatly appreciated.


Blue is in Kirkwood, PA.


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